Tales from St Jude's, Bethnal Green 7" vinyl + booklet

from Stick In The Wheel

Tales from St Jude's, Bethnal Green grew out of the band's VOICED residency at Phytology, the site of St Jude's Church in Bethnal Green. Destroyed by a WWII bomb, this place is important to SITW because of their ancestral ties to the parish of Bethnal Green.

The embossed, gold-foiled sleeve comes with a 16 page booklet, replicating the Victorian parish materials and bound in the same cotton archival tape as the original prayer booklets held at the London Metropolitan Archive. With a foreword from the Spitalfields Life writer The Gentle Author, and featuring archive images of the church, printed ephemera, street traders and images from the site. Complete with hand-stamped paper bag with a download sticker on reverse.

***LIMITED DELUXE VERSIONS (the first 50 or so) feature hand-tied dried herb posies from the St Jude's site***

Taken from a 17th Century broadside ballad and set to new music, Cryes is a plaintive lament, cycling through a list of street traders' wares, that becomes more urgent as the voices increase in number.

Broomes comes from a 16th century play “Three Ladies of London”. These words are from the mouth of one trader, whose lone voice seeks to bargain a sale for the most basic of household items.

This way of making a living was once every Londoner's right - to trade on the street - and is now, like many other age old customs, becoming a disappearing sight as legislation and councils seek to monetise common space for themselves and section off commerce to the highest bidder.

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Stick In The Wheel London, UK

Traditional London roots music.


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